Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Venues — by Guest Mom Beth Longtine

With my son’s wedding we started out with a bigger plan than we ended up with, but the economy reared it’s head, and we pulled back. Way back. We went from a 100+ wedding, to 45 nearest and dearest. Which meant we had to rethink the venue because the ballroom we had reserved was a bit much for that many people. But our cost went down too, from over $150 an hour (which is still pretty cheap), to a university campus lounge for $35 an hour — and the view was amazing.

So how do you find alternative venues? Get online. See what your city, local university, community or religious centers have to offer for events. Often they are not trying to make a profit, so they cost significantly less. I know a couple that wanted lots of friends, but couldn’t afford much, so they held their wedding reception at a local park shelter. Another friend got a great deal on a reception at a local hotel because they were undergoing renovations (that meant some minor inconvenience).

Something to remember: With cheaper venues, it usually means less service, so you are going to need family and friends to get into the action. Just be sure you are organized, so you don’t place too much burden on them. Our family helped frost the cupcakes, arrange flowers and set up the reception; and we talked and laughed the whole time.

images by Justin Hackworth


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