Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mormor Kitchen Series

In another life, I will have a kitchen that's all white with a little bit of blue. And I will fill it with things like this from the Danish Mormor Series.


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Blogger Tamsin said...

Very pretty. I love how clean and simple it is. Did you know that "Mormor" means grandmother in Danish?

Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 2:05:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Anderson said...

All white with a little bit of blue? I'm surprised. I mean, that color combo is gorgeous, but you seem to have more flair for color. I guess with a bunch of kids the kitchen can get chaotic. The simple tones would calm things down, maybe. :) Anyway- beautiful.

Friday, September 25, 2009 at 1:30:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Lise said...

My 3 girls call my mother "Mormor", because she is their grandmother but more literally she is their Mother's Mother. Mor is Danish for mother. Very convienent for different sets of grandparents i.e. Farmor is Father's mother. BTW it is so not pronounced the way it is written.

Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 7:19:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Marcy Tate said...

These sets are gorgeous.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 7:54:00 AM EDT  

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