Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Great Big Grande Brand Spankin’ New Sk*rt Contest!

There's a great new contest at sk*rt celebrating all the big changes I mentioned yesterday. Ihave to tell you all about it because I don't want you to miss out. Entering is easy. Just tell us sk*rt chicks what you think of the new changes — Snazzy? Chic? Brilliant? Disaster? — we want to hear what you have to say. Leave your comment on the sk*rt blog or the sk*rt contest post and you could win over $1000 worth of prizes:

1) An InGrid Home Security System and a year’s worth of monitoring service. $660 value.

Designed by Klaus Rosberg, the designer who created Target’s ClearRx prescription bottle and Heinz’s EzSquirt ketchup bottles and whose work has been featured in MoMa and The New York Times. The InGrid Digital Home Security System. It provides important home security AND it’s aesthetically pleasing. InGrid has e-mail and cell phone notification, as well as Web site access and control that allows you to customize, manage and monitor your home protection systems from anywhere in the world. It has about a million other features too, so you can set the system to work simplest and best for you. Awesome.

2) Gillette Venus Embrace, One-year supply. $75 value.

That’s 3 Venus® Embrace™ razors, 3 cans of shave gel, and 2 replacement blade packs for the year supply. That adds up to 14 razors for the year. Venus® Embrace™ is the most technologically advanced shaving system we’ve seen. Snazzy. It has lots of blades and even a Protective Ribbon of Moisture™ (doesn’t that sound so spa-like and schmancy). It really makes shaving swell.

3) SIGG: A Collection of 5 Bottles. $125 value.

We LOVE SIGG and their most stylish reusable beverage bottles in all the land. And we thought they were a relatively new thing, but SIGG is celebrating its 100-year anniversary at: www.SIGG100.com. The site will launch on Feb. 11th and last through April 22nd (Earth Day). During this 10 week period, SIGG will partner up with Laurie David’s organization, Stop Global Warming, to explore 100 Significant Eco-Moments in the past century. Visitors to the site will have an opportunity to win a trip for two to Hawaii to attend the 5th annual Kokua Festival headlined by Jack Johnson. SIGG will also be hosting online Q&A’s with 5 environmental activists, which include Zem Joaquin, Ed Begley Jr., P. Simran Sethi, Christopher Gavigan and Laurie David. How freaking cool is that?!

4) Lands’ End $250 Gift Card

Lands’ End was an “early adopter” of the Internet, launching its web site in 1995. Initially, the site featured 100 products as well as stories, essays and travelogues, but today, the U.S. site offers every Lands’ End product. And you can take your pick from the massive amounts of Women’s, Men’s, Kids’ and Babies’ clothing, shoes, home and travel gear as well as overstocks.

Fantastic right? How fun will it be to receive all those goodies?!!

It's a big contest to celebrate a big exciting new look at sk*rt. Leave your comment before midnight, March 15th, and you’re registered to win big! Hooray!

(Note: I'm going to turn off comments on this post, just to make it clear that you need to make your comment over at sk*rt.)


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